Special education
for dogs

Special education for dogs

Education of explosive detection dogs

With us your "Security is in good hands". In order to supplement the range of our offered services, we offer together with our cooperation partner the training of explosive dogs, guard dogs and dual-trained dogs.

From the training and certification, a professionally accompanied handover to the customer to the annual training and education of the dog, with us you get everything from one source.


Training objective

Training in commercial and military explosives, self-labs, weapons and ammunition.

Training content

Establishment of a utility submission

„Heel“, „Sit“, „Down“, „Drop-it“, Retrieve in every situation

Promoting environmental safety and social behavior

Extreme weather conditions, strong noise, dust and odor nuisance as well as other noises and movements must not be a limitation of the performance. The dogs are prepared accordingly.

Create ontogenetic long-term effects

Producing subordination readiness when detecting explosives in different circumstances and in different situations.

Olfactory performance for the detection of explosives

Targeted search and display exercises in different positions e.g.

  • Large-capacity warehouses, vehicles, luggage, suitcases and cargoes
  • Feel in limited visibility and at night
  • Feel under distraction, in moderate traffic and smaller crowds

The training takes place in various environments so that the explosives dog is prepared for worldwide use.


The success of the training is tested and certified after completing the training. No further permissions or approvals are necessary. Dogs with certification can be used immediately and worldwide. An annual certification of the dogs is strongly recommended. Continuing education is essential to ensure high-quality, long-term work. For this reason, the first annual check is included in the price and can also take place at the place of use. (plus travel and accommodation costs)

Training program

Duration of training 120 days (4 months)

Total cost

The total cost includes:

  • Choosing and buying a suitable dog with potential
  • Accommodation and care of the dog
  • Training of...
  • ... Use obedience
  • ... Promoting environmental safety and social behavior
  • ... ontogenetic and olfactory performance
  • Training materials
  • nput of 17 different explosives
  • Create long-term effects
  • Shipment to all training locations to train climatic conditions
  • Transfer to the customer in the training center or at the place of requirement (plus travel, accommodation and transport)
  • Theoretical and practical lessons for the dog handler
  • First annual check of the Beagle Team
  • Advice and permanent availability after handover of the dog
  • Isolated correction at the training center if required

Price on request

We are looking forward to consult you and present an individual offer.

Further training opportunities

Further training opportunities:

  • Protective dogs for the protection purpose of a company, private person and their estate, facilities and grounds
  • Dual-trained dog (protection and explosives) provides optimal protection for all areas and life situations

Price on request

We are looking forward to consult you and present an individual offer.