For reasons of confidentiality and the laws on data protection, we do not disclose the names our customers to the public, and we ask for your understanding in this matter. We don’t take the trust you place in us for granted, but we thank you with the respect you deserve. Our customers include many well-known clients. After consultation and approval, we can show you a selection of our references in a private conversation.

  • Private individuals and business clients
  • Lawyers and tax consultants
  • Local politicians
  • Public figures
  • Wholesale, retail and industrial trade
  • Municipalities and city councils
  • State building authorities
  • Mayors and county commissioners
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Hospitals and medical practices
  • Nursing homes for the elderly and senior citizens
  • Trade fair organizers
  • Folk festival organizers
  • Municipal vocational training centers
  • Schools and kindergartens